12. April 2017

Google Photos Error 404

Google Photos (called Fotos in German) displays your album for six seconds and then tells you, that this album is not available. Error 404.
“Google – 404.This is an error. The requested URL was not found on theserver. We do not have more information.”
–  It had been Google itself, that generated the URL. It was Google’s own server. Shame on Google!

   Apparently Google took your fine, well visible album from its right hand into its left, and – as in a larger company the left hand does not know what the right hand does – the left says: “I cannot display your album, error 404. Go to … with your pictures!”
   Here you can see the video: https://youtu.be/6nwZlaS4hgM

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Details of this example:
   From for example (stably visible):

You go on with – click … Weitere Optionen (Further Options?) – and then –
select: In Google Fotos verwalten (edit with Google Photos?)

   The miraculous Google software then trys to show this URL (but ends up with error 404):

   The album in (virtual?) reality is called

You are not logged in.
Obviously no optin to edit the album.


Download all

Sort after the last Activity (Whatever that means)

Sharing options

Show in albums

denounce illegal use

In case you are not logged in as the owner of the album (use your Browser’s private mode Ctrl+P to try) this brings you to
And that’s stable …  The goo.gl address I got by asking for a “share” and a link. Good night.

When you klick »In Google Fotos gespeichert« (from https://get.google.com/albumarchive/107484383993159578524/album/AF1QipPtvfe5KOUr16ws3LR4TGfISr7tIXX5Img8filG?authKey=CP2vufux1pOPUA) you’ll see:
Stored in Google Photos. The album is securely saved in Google Photos. You can manage it there. (»Du« as colloquial you.)
When you try to reach the album from here, you are sent to
And there’s that error 404.
   The successful address is:



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